Blue Physics

Blue Physics is a free textbook (PDF), released under a Creative Commons license.

It is intended to be a "teach yourself" text for adults, covering first year college physics.
Knowledge of high school algebra is a prerequisite; calculus is taught as needed.
No prior knowledge of physics is presumed.

The book has many historical notes and worked examples. Internal references are hyperlinked.

This is a work in progress. The book is projected to cover the following broad topics:

Mechanics and Thermodynamics are completed.
The current version of 24 June 2014 is 385 pages and 6.46 MB.

(update 14 Oct 2015) I apologize for no updates for a year. I am putting Blue Physics aside until roughly June 2016 to complete, with several colleagues, the typesetting of Sidney Coleman's Lectures on Quantum Field Theory, to appear from World Scientific next summer.

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Cover: Satin Bower Bird, hand painted cotton by the Australian fabric artist Judy Hooworth, 2007

Creative Commons License  Blue Physics by David Derbes is licensed under a
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